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  2023 BOM
In store only promotional Block of the Month starting Dec. 1 2022.  Last block is November 2023
Must be purchased each month between the 1st and 30th of each month on days we are open.
For promotional gift certificate blocks must be finished and brought to shop by Januarm 30, 2024.
Sashing and borders do not apply.

We are trying to get back to normal with a new 2023 five-dollar quilt.
We do these promotional quilts to get foot traffic in the store and let you know what we have going on.

There are twelve 12 ½” blocks.  Each quilt block will cost $5.00 if you pick it up between the first day and the last day each month. It must be you not someone else.  If you miss the block will be $7.50.

We will have a promotional event each month.  Please give us some of your time and check out what we have each month.  We will have idea to make your blocks into a quilt.

December 2022 at any time is starting date.  Please note if you cannot pick up block one for $5.00, we will have block one and two available on January dates for $12.50 ($5.00 + $7.50). 

Anyone can purchase a block for someone else, but it will be $7.50.

Now for the gift back to you.  If you make all 12 blocks and bring them in next December (2023) or January (2024) we will give you $60.00 gift certificate.


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